`If you are seeking the best method of self-defense, then BJJ, or Brazilian Jiujitsu is the best choice.  This is a skill that everybody can benefit from, and is the best for real world self-defense. It is not a simple matter to find the best school.  It is important to consider the knowledge and training of the instructor, the lineage of the gym, the training environment, the partners you will be working with, the safety of the gym and the cost.  In all those areas, Delaware Jiujitsu excels. 

    About BJJ

    BJJ is for kids, teens and adults both men and women.  The classes in BJJ will provide real world skills and confidence for all ages.  It will also boost your ability to have patience, and improve problem solving skills. You will learn to set and accomplish your goals, while gaining life skills that will improve your life.

    When you join Delaware Jiujitsu we will make certain that you gain these skills and the ability to survive when you meet obstacles both on and off the mat.

    Benefits of BJJ Training

    It is important to learn from a gym that specializes in BJJ.  Many schools have multiple programs without focus on anything in particular.  As long as you are in a gym which has the focus on Brazilian Jiujitsu, you will reap the benefits.

    You will learn an effective means of self-defense and re ready to defend yourself if needed against oppressors, bullies and others.

    You will learn the skill of using leverage to make your technique effective against your opponent whether he is smaller or larger than yourself.

    You will be using your mind, as this is an amazing mental workout as well.

    Get Started

    At Delaware Jiujitsu we have beginner programs and are beginner friendly.  We are a dedicated team with the goal of teaching you the best style of self-BJJdefense effectively and simply. Talk to us today and visit our gym Call 610-494-3527 or use our contact for to reach us!