• Mixed Martial Arts


    When it comes to defending yourself against aggression, the proper training and therefore skills are essential. When you face an adversary on the street, you will need to defend yourself to remain safe.  However, since most people do not have these skills, we at Delaware Jiujitsu are here to help teach you! We welcome you here at Delaware Jiujitsu, L.L.C., for training in mixed martial arts and to be ready to face any adversary should the need arise.

    About Mixed Martial Arts

    As the name implies, mixed martial arts utilize a blend of skills.  Here at Delaware jiujitsu, while our focus is on pure Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, we also have instruction in striking (boxing) on Wednesday nights and Judo on Thursday nights. Mixed Martial Arts develops a blend of skills, strength, power, stamina, confidence and self-control. Whether they are in a sporting competition or facing a bully or a potential assault, our instruction will help secure your confidence and victory. We encourage you to visit Delaware Jiujitsu for world class training. With mixed martial arts training, you can get in the best shape of your life, and obtain the skills to step into the octagon, or your local street at night.  You will reduce stress, improve your mental capacity and focus and get fit.  We will help you achieve your goals effectively and efficiently.  

    Benefits of Mixed Martial Arts

    With mixed martial arts you can be sure to achieve the following benefits:

          * Building your strength and power for competition for self-defense

          * Developing endurance with partner skill training, high intensity cardio sessions and interval training

          * Building self-confidence and self-esteem by acquiring significal martial arts skills

          * Improve your balance and coordination, learning how to balance your feet and control your body

          * Increasing your flexibility      

          * Grow your skills and confidence for personal safety

    Get Started

    Now that you know what you can do with mixed martial arts, why not visit us to try some free classes. We are dedicated to help you achieve your goals.  Please reach out to us today! You can call 6105068297 or contact us on our online form.