• Submission Grappling


    When it comes to wrestling, jiujitsu, combat sports, or martial arts, submission grappling is often mentioned.  It is important that anyone who wants to engage in any such competition procure the best training and skills on submission wrestling, submission fighting, or sport grappling, (all name of submission grappling).  If you have been considering that and you wish to be a submission fighter, then you can enroll in our Gracie Jiujitsu classes and train in submission grappling.

    About Submission Grappling

    As the name implies, this style of martial art focuses on obtaining submissions during a grappling competition. It includes both stand-up and ground fighting. The techniques employed work without the use of the jiujitsu attire (the GI). A large percentage of techniques taught at Delaware Jiujitsu will work with or without the GI, and therefore can be employed in both GI tournaments and submission grappling situations.

    Why Learn Submission Grappling

    This form of fighting comes with many benefits if you have the correct training. Some of those benefits include:

       * You gain position control on your opponent in the case of a competition, and secure victory with joint locks or chokes

      * You understand the use of weight to control an opponent and using body mechanics to help in the face of not having GI or adequate clothing grips.

      * You learn how to defend yourself in real world situations.

      * You will develop quick reflexes and skills

      * The learner becomes more well-rounded in martial arts, Brazilian Jiujitsu and grappling

      * You will build your strength and endurance

    These as well as other benefits are what is in store for you when you train at Delaware Jiujitsu. You can join for yourself or enroll a child, friend or partner for training.

    Get Started

    Now that you have learned more about submission grappling, why not call us at 6104943527 to watch or try some free classes.  You can also fill out online form at our website. Our team at Delaware Jiujitsu will ensure that you receive the best training to learn self defense and build your skills quickly. Let us boost your self-confidence, defensive skills or competition prowess. Call us today!