• Self-Defense


    At some point you may have found yourself against an assailant that you were sure you would not defeat. Perhaps you ended up beating them, or got help, or some other outcome, but the situation is a frightening one. In any case, wouldn’t it be nice to have the skills to protect yourself and defeat your opponent? Yes, this can be done if you have the right training in self-defense as can be obtained at Delaware Jiujitsu. At Delaware Jiujitsu our focus is not on sport jiujitsu techniques that could only work in a tournament but rather on real world self-defense techniques. Please call us today and get the training and skills to be able to protect yourself!

    Learning Jiu-Jitsu for Self-Defense

    Did you know that you could learn Jiu-Jitsu self-defense skills and be able to prevail in an altercation? You can also be able to protect your family and loved ones.  In today’s world, unfortunately, street crime is on the rise and people often look to solve issues with violence. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a skill that with be with you wherever you go, once learned, It is a tool that you may never need, but will have if needed. 

    Why Self-Defense

    Self-defense training is essential for men, women, children and older citizens. No one is safe from attacks, whether from unknown assailants or even people well known to them. It is important to obtain the right skills to be able to defend yourself.  Self-defense for children is important not only to be able to defend against bullies, but to provide courage and self-reliance. It is also fun and helps greatly with confidence and discipline. They also learn how to defend themselves with themselves being bullies.  Men and women are equally in need of the skill to be able to defend themselves against attacks.  It could be attacks from “friend”, bullies, thugs, gangs, sexual predators and others.  The skills you will learn at Delaware Jiujitsu will instill confidence in you and the ability to defend yourself in such circumstances. Even senior citizens can benefit from this training with improved balance, strength, confidence and of course skill in self-defense.

    Get Started

    Now that you have learned the benefits of self-defense training why not reach out to us at Delaware Jiujitsu! End the many searches for self-defense jiujitsu near me as that will take too much of your time! Instead, call us and talk to experts and enroll in one of our classes today!

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