• MMA Training

    If you have been looking for the perfect training for self-defense or a fighting competition, then MMA could be what you are seeking. MMA, abbreviation for mixed martial arts is also referred to no holds barred fighting (NHB) or cage fighting.  This type of fighting includes aspects of stand-up striking arts such as boxing and Judo, along with ground fighting training in Brazilian Jiujitsu or BJJ. Whether you wish to learn such skills for a fighting competition or solely for the purpose of defending yourself or your family, Delaware Jiujitsu can supply you with the skills and classes to be able to learn. Enroll with us today and you will be sure to obtain that training. 

    About MMA

    If you wish to trai in MMA, enroll in our classes. You will have the chance to learn real Gracie Jiujitsu, the fundamental of today’s mma. We also teach Judo and Boxing, two critical facets of any mixed martial arts program. When you learn with us you will acquire the needed skills and inner strength to compete in mma whether it is in a ring or in a self-defense situation. When you join our classes, you will be on the correct path towards your goals, learning from experts with decades of experience.  At Delaware Jiujitsu you have the chance to train like a champion and if you desire, be a champion.  You will have the ability to immerse yourself iin a work of training opportunities, thanks to the invigorating training we offer, our advanced training methods, and a team of dedicated and highly experienced trainers.  Even better, you can enroll your children and family members into our program and equip them for when or if the need to defend themselves arises.

    Train with the Best

    Delaware Jiujitsu is where you can obtain world class training in real Gracie Jiujitsu.  Our lineage is only a few steps from the creator of Jiujitsu, Helio Gracie. Make the moment count today by joining a dedicated team of martial arts experts and being part of a larger family of successful and skilled experts.

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