• Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Class


    Were you ever in an uncomfortable situation, where another person was angry or aggressive towards yourself? Did you every feel weak or helpless in such a situation? Well, this is not an unusual situation and has happened to many people.  This is because you were unprepared and did not have the right defensive training.  With a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu class, as long as you remain committed to it, you will learn to defend yourself and have increased self-confidence. You will never have to feel less powerful anymore. Study with us and you will have the confidence and tools to protect yourself.

    About Our Brazilian Jiujitsu Classes

    Brazilian Jiujitsu training is what we specialize at Delaware Jiujitsu. Students who attend our classes will learn and acquire the correct skills they may need to defend themselves in their everyday lives. They will also obtain the right conditioning and self-confidence as well as the ability to relax and stay cool under stress and pressure.  When you enroll in our Brazilian Jiuitsu women or men class, you will develop integrity, self-confidence, self-control and humility.

    Brazilian Jiujitsu for Children

    If you have a child at home and they seem interested in martial arts, do not hesitate to bring them in to watch or try some free classes.  They will learn problem solving skills and real-world self-defense. They will learn how to set and work towards life goals and gain self-confidence. 

    Get Started

    Whether you want to be among the Brazilian World Champions that we have produced or want to train for self-defense or for weight loss, or perhaps just for fun, call us today! At Delaware Jiujitsu you can train with us up to 5x a week at no additional cost.  Talk to us today and end the searches for the best Brazilian Jiujitsu near me. To get started call 610-4943527 or fill out our form on our website today!