• Our Kids jujitsu classes will provide your child with self-confidence, fitness, and friends. Problem-solving skills and the ability to set and accomplish goals is reinforced, and are important life skills obtained by practicing Brazilian jujitsu. Unlike many other martial arts, training at Delaware Jiujitsu will teach your child real world effective self defense. Self defense that will actually work even if they are weaker or smaller. While most martial arts teach only kicking and striking, Brazilian jujitsu teaches the ability to control the situation, and then effectively stop an assailant with the amount of force you choose.

    Learning the critical details that make this happen is why lineage is important. Instructor J. S. Goldberg is only a few steps from Helio Gracie, the creator of BJJ. He also understands how to teach this art safely, being a practicing physician for over 30 years. He is one of only a handful in the world with these dual credentials.

    Choose wisely....kids jiujitsu at Delaware Jiujitsu is the best !

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